A Temple Visit

Dreams 07.10.12

Recall wasn’t great last night. I even woke up around 30-45 minutes to wake up and tried to chain the dream. Now I’m not sure if I woke up or just had a false awakening because I don’t remember much of anything. What I recall is only maybe the last 5 minutes of the dream.

Husband and I are traveling on a walking tour but we had separated from the larger group. We are touring a large buddhist looking monastery built into a mountain. It’s not like what you see on national geographic. This is like throwing a palace into the side of a mountain. There was absolutely no rustic feel to it and everything was ornately painted, sometimes gilded.

We were one big room behind the rest of the tour and I asked husband to speed up the walking pace. Then we entered a huge room that was part cave au naturel and partly built. There were columns and arches from the polished stone tile floor to the uneven cave ceilings. The stone tiles were large, at least 50×50 feet each in size. They had a rough surface but were polished to have a nice reflective sheen. Soft diffuse sunlight filled the room through the 3 openings, one to the left leading to a darker cave, one to the right leading to a outdoor path. The third was on the opposite side of us, leading down slope to a lower hall.

I could see in the distance that the last of our group was moving through to the lower hall so I told husband we should hurry to catch up. At the same time I was in awe of the majesty of the room. A perfect blend of human ingenuity, melding with the natural formations of the mountain creating a wonderfully peaceful, safe and accommodating feeling space. Husband noticed how I was reacting to the space and he started fumbling with the DSLR around his neck as he walked.

I said don’t worry about it we need to catch up. He kept fumbling and said no we should take a picture. But I knew the capabilities of the camera and his as a photographer. The energy and feel of the atmosphere would never be captured. It was in my heart, I had it in my head, in my mind but it was time to go and just cherish the memory. We hurried along the stone floor making loud shuffling noises, echoing throughout the cave hall.


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