Scenes of Pride, Insecurity, Interruption and Discovery

Dreams 07.12.12

Last couple nights’ recalls were pretty bad. I ended up with bits of seemingly unrelated scenes. Yesterday I completely forgot them but I was rushing to work. Here are the scenes from last night in no particular order of happenstance.

I was walking proudly with a large rolled up poster along a street. The store fronts were all painted brightly. I could see the place I was looking for a few units down. Its facade was painted all yellow, easy to spot. The sidewalk had a few people on it and I was walking off the sidewalk, just off the curb, stepping over sewage drains.

When I got to the store front, it looked dark inside and I reached for the antique style pull door handle – it was locked. I peeked down one end of my poster tube and saw a part of the image and it was Captain America’s head. The entire poster was a print of a Norman Rockwell -sh style oil painted super heroe super collage. I was going to show it to some people at this shop. Not sure if I was there to sell it or make a trade. I just knew that getting it in the shop to show someone would make them very excited and me very fulfilled.

I wasn’t impatient that my fulfillment was delayed, just wanted to figure out what was going on so I looked up and down the street and I saw this girl I work with from another department OD. OD waved hello, she looked excited to see me and started to walk over. I was waiting for her and looked around the street. Then I realized I waited a long time and OD still wasn’t near me. I looked back towards her direction and she and the person who was beside her were no longer there.

I just walked into a house with Emma Stone and her roommate. We had just become new friends so we were open but also somewhat uneasy with each other. This was at a time when her stardom was newfound. Her living room was dim and cosy. She told me she had something to show me. She picked up a piece of fabric from the ottoman and held it up at me, more in the light. “It’s a pillowcase! I got it to match this sweater!” The pillow case was a grey, gradient with a lime green. She was in her blond phase, wearing a finely knit grey cable cardigan. Both were very nice but I guess I thought it weird and crazy to match your pillowcase with your sweater – and it must’ve shown on my face even though I said “Ooh that’s lovely!” Emma has a dissapointed slightly hurt look on her face.

I was working as an assistant for a couple of old time stage actors working a modern artsy play who wasn’t treating them as nicely as they probably should. The biggest perk was their big dressing rooms. The show was to start in an hour and I had preparations to do and also needed to change. I went from the diva’s room to the divo’s (what’s a male diva?).His room was painted all yellow. There was one lamp only so the room was awash with a warm tone. As soon as I entered the room I stripped off my pants and began to head up the stairs on the left where I would make preparations for the show in the room above. Then I heard a noise in the corner of the yellow room. I had not noticed the divo sitting at his dressing table, facing the mirror. His back was turned to me and I could not see his face.

I was climbing out of a room, crawling out really. I snuck up to this small trolley in the white hallways, it had multiple open top bins on it filled with marijuana. I looked at the bins and picked up a small nugget. Then I dashed across the hallway into a room that was my bedroom and I slammed the door shut. I was looking around wondering how I would smoke this tiny little nugget to relax and chill on my own for a bit. Should I roll in in a cigarette? Or maybe there was a bong around?

I was sitting on the floor with a leather couch seat as my working surface, looking around. Then my dad burst into the room and started a rant about how I shouldn’t smoke. I think he was talking about cigarettes. He didn’t see my little nugget but part of me was a little afraid he would find out anyways.


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