Salvaging Spilled Chili

It seems like I am trouble recalling dreams that make sense this week. Today’s recall is another jumble.

Also, either the Sleep Cycle app isn’t working properly or I am actually having these crazy sleep cycles. And if I am actualy having these crazy cycles, it might explain the weird dreams and poor recalls.

Dreams 07.13.12
There was something about me remembering a recent workout where I was doing two reps of heavy lifting.

I was pouring out a can of chili over rice. The chili was special, it looked more like this curry I made a couple nights ago in real life. It had pineapples in it. I looove pineapples. I am usually very neat about pouring, scooping out food except this time I spilled a couple glops on in front and behind the bowl. I started to pick it up with my right hand fingers and just putting the spilled food in my mouth.

Then it’s like I was watching a movie but living it. The movie was…don’t laugh, another sequel to American Pie. Everyone was still in their early twenties and they all moved into the same house – a huge house. I watched the Tara Reid character talking to another girl about the Alyssa Hannigan character. She was saying that their friend has been missing a lot of classes at college and something seemed to be up. They needed to figure out what was happening with their friend and consult with the guys but until the plan was made, the friend (Alyssa) must not know. I remember having a slight feeling of betrayal, as if I was Alyssa, eavesdropping on these too.

The feeling faded quickly and I am watching a scene of 3 of the male character unpacking in a room, sitting on a mattress, joking around. The phone rings and the Sean Michael Scott character picks up the phone in full Stifler mode. The girls say something to him, he responded in the character’s sarcastic way and the other two listened, concerned but not knowing what was going on.

Another nugget of memory is just a feeling of being in the hallway of a gigantic empty house. I felt anxious but also wanted to explore.


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