Cabins and Clubs

Dreams 07.15.12

I was either in a cabin or a very 70s themed bachelor apart. It was L-shaped. There was a spiral designed shag rug, and modern fat base rocking chair, a lamp and some other furniture I can’t remember. Overall it was a pretty crowded room. Someone else was in there with me, sitting on a chair/bed, watching me while I moved the lamp around trying to find an unused outlight to plug into.

In another part of the dream, I remember being in a massive packed dancefloor in a club. I was weaving through, everyone else was bouncing in unison to whatever song was playing loudly over us. I think I was searching for a specific part of the dancefloor. Sometimes I could see myself moving again the people current from a bird’s eye view. I saw myself move towards the area I wanted, except there was a big green circular table there, like some gambling table. People were dancing right up against it. I wanted to climb on it to dance and look out over the crowd but for some reason did not.


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