A Calm Dancing Frenzy and Shapeshifting Statues

It’s been a few days since a decent recall. I let myself go for several days and keep forgetting half of my dreams when I don’t actively try to remember. I wish things would stick in my memory. It’s like my memory muscle atrophies super quickly.

Dreams 07.18.12
I was in a very rich person’s apartment. The overall decor was white and light grey walls, brushed chrome accents, blue-green tinted glass. They were having some kind of party and I believe I was working for the host(s).

It seemed like the purpose of the party was for the guests to come, drink or smoke some herbal or pharmaceutical concoction. Then they would dance around in pairs calmly in a circular hall, waltzing around. Music was played at a low volume and they would dance themselves into a calm and serene state of bliss. My job was to assist the guests in getting to that state by joining the singles in dance or encouraging the couples, ushering them from one room, just as they were exiting and feeling the effects of the heady cocktail, to the tall cylindrical room for dancing.

I can’t remember how I was dressed but the guests all had clothes that had feathers and tuxedo tails. The style the clothes were in I cannot remember. I just know that when they spun, feathers waved and the “tails” fanned out. There was a tall crystal chandelier with long tubular pieces of glass hanging above the cylinder room.

I had just danced with a woman, slightly shorter than me. She did not say much but she was happy and lost in the music. She was so delirious I’m surprised that she wasn’t drooling. She drifted away into the crowd dance and I let her go as I receded back to the edge of the dance floor.

Then my master/employer called me to him. He was doubled over on his minimalist white throne, elevated by several tall steps that overlooked the dance floor. I went to him. He was rib-showing skinny, shirtless and pantsless, wearing nothing but a white linen wrap around his privates and buttocks. There was a thin grey silk veil draped on the throne just next to him but none of it covered him.

He mumbled something to me and I really didn’t understand any of it. He was zonked out, on the same shit that the guests were on, minus the dancing and the bliss. He wasn’t quite miserable looking nor was he in pain, just incapacitated. I left his side and roamed the party.

Then a special guest made a grand entrance at the party. It was Christopher Walken (how awesome!) dressed like his character in that silly ping-pong movie. He had an assistant dragging a big something behind them, covered by a colored satin sheet. He setup to one side of the room and announced he would do a big reveal.

When the sheepy guests finally gathered, the sheet was removed. Before us stood a statue of an abstract shape. Kind of like a hand giving someone the finger if the hand had no thumbs and the middle finger was super fat or it melded in with the fourth finger. It’s surface was a charcoal grey with a strange gritty, glittery shimmer – almost like the surface was crawling.

Then CW said a word in his over the top way. I believe the word was either “Bipolar!” Or just “Polar!” With that the statue changed shape to look like a cannon, pointing directly at the audience. The guests let out a gasp in unison. CW was quite pleased with himself and started to explain that the statue could change shape with a variety of words, all under his command. The situation was all mildly threatening.

After that I know there was much more to the dream that didn’t really continue on with this party-story. However it’s slipped from my mind now.


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