A Shared Snack or A Favour?

Another morning of half assed rememberance. I’m not sure I like the only part I can recall from last night’s dreams. I mean if dreams are a mirror world in which we let our deepest fears, daily concerns, memories and ideas just jam and mingle for the purpose of computing various solutions to our problems, then what does it mean when we only remember a portion of it? Could it mean that the remembered portion is the closest to truth as our brain perceives it? Is that the output from our calculations? Or is it merely a theory waiting to be tested and proofed in the real world?

Dreams 07.20.12
I am with my mom. She is driving me around giving me a ride to meet husband. He asked if we would have a snack with him while he worked today. We are following him around while he finishes his current work order.

We follow his truck to a restaurant located in an industrial area. We wait in the car and my mom and I are both tired so we weren’t really chatting. We just watch husband get out, go inside where his work buddy greets him. This next part I’m not 100% happened in the dream. He comes out and leans against my open passenger window and asks if we wanted any food from inside. I said or thought, “Mom and I just had lunch. I just had a big juicy meatball sandwich. No thanks.” And my mom said half to him, half to me, “I thought we were going to get a snack together for a break.” I don’t think he responded.

Then we were sitting at a little diner place, we had just finished our snacks. My mom got up to go to the washroom and my husband says to me, “Can you follow me for the rest of the day?” He didn’t really explain the rest but in the dream I understood that it meant at some unknown point or at the end of his day, he would no longer have use of his work truck. So instead of asking me to pick him up after, he wanted me to follow him from call to call so he wouldn’t have to wait even a second to be picked up.

I was like, “But I don’t even have our car here. My mom drove me.” And he just smiled in his way, it’s okay you can convince your mom way. I was really offended.


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