Amidst A Broken Landscape

I am driving in a little hatchback, ripping my way through a forested path. I am almost late for a event, I think it may be a wedding I was rushing to. Also I may or may not have had a significant role at the event. I arrived somewhere but do not remember what it looked like or what happened inside.

When the event was over. A group of about 6 people including myself came out of the building. The forest surroundings had been completely obliterated. Instead we saw…how can I describe this?

Imagine if the small patch of land you stood on floated atop an area where the edges of many techtonic plates collided. Your patch of land luckily placed so it was not in the fault lines, nor in the path of destruction when the ground opened up and lava filled in the gaps. All around our little patch, the land was charred and cracked, interspersed with jagged rocks, blackened mountain ranges. Smoke rose from between the cracks.

In the distance we could see what may be lava rivers. Further still in the horizon, we saw the city we all felt the need to get to. We all looked at each other then back out at the land, contemplating which of our vehicles could possibly traverse this terrain, if we were lucky enough to find an unobstructed path to the city. I looked at my little hatchback and knew I was doomed and wish I had a truck or a 4×4. Then I thought walking is still an option. It would be hard but there’s a half decent chance of survival. At least I wouldn’t drive onto a patch of sinking earth and be swallowed up in a pool of magma.


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