Losing It

Dreams 07.29.12
More poor recalls. The only thing that came to mind was a track. Like the running track around a soccer field kind. Everything else is non-existent in memory.

Dreams 07.30.12
I had a tidbit of the last of last nights’ dreams. Then I snoozed and forgot. Here is what I dreamt during snooze:

I was at my cubicle at work and a guy came running up. In my dream he was named a person at work but he definitely didn’t look like that person, kind of opposite in fact. He asked me how good I am at coding, if I left would there be someone who could help him. He seemed panicked. I slowly turned around and said, “maaaybe…what do you need?”

Then he was gone and replaced by another girl, also in his department (she reminded me of a girl who used to work in the Accounting tcompany). That and a little like the character Rachel from Suits. Anyway, she basically started asking me the same question but in a friendlier, more understandable manner. She was sitting being me in a swivelly chair, all ready with a USB drive to show me this “code” that no one could figure out.

The code was simple but while I understood it, it took me a few minutes to remember what it actually meant. Then I explained it to the girl and she reminded me that I actually wrote the original code. In the dream, I thought the code was some form of SQL. Anyway, she said the code no longer worked. After she explained when it stopped working, I was able to determine that it’s because they made changes to the database and they could either move some database fields around or have someone rework the code I originally wrote because I no longer remembered how.

Then we looked behind us, distracted by a noise coming from the office behind. Turns out my boss and her boss were fighting over how to split up my time because they wanted me to work on the code.

Then me and the girl giggled to each other about what idiots they were.


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