Late for a Date

I was in my artist/pottery workshop, getting ready to go out to meet someone. It may have been some sort of date. I can’t remember the meeting part at all.

The studio/workshop was open for business, located right on a busy street. It was decorated plainly and it was very clean. Again like most settings in my dreams, it was white and clinical. There were patrons in the studio, sitting, waiting for someone to bring their art pieces so they can continue their work.

I had a helper in the studio who was taking care of the patrons. In between her work she was kind of teasing me about my big important meeting. That’s why I thought it was a date. I was taking some time to get ready but partially because I didn’t want to leave my studio and patrons behind. I felt guilty, like I was abandoning something that I loved, a place that was comfortable and that I felt good about building.

Eventually I think I did go out but then I don’t remember the meeting at all.


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