Deluxe School Bus Getaway

I was at a house party inside my house. It is not at all like the house I live in irl. Again the party took place in the basement and again their was wood panelling! I don’t understand my dream fixation on wood panel basements. Anyways, I was upstairs dilly dallying, it kind of felt like I was avoiding my own party. Then I finally went down there when everything was in full swing. People were comfortable, chatting, playing games, sitting on the couch, floor, everywhere. When I walked through a group sitting on the floor playing board games and having a drink greeted me so I joined them.

Then the same group were on a school bus coming back from some kind of camp or group trip. Actually it felt like a highschool trip. My age really wasn’t clear. It was a short bus but the inside was huge. The seats all had twice the amount of room. All the metal exposed bits had a nice matte brushed chrome finish. It was a luxury school bus, if there was such a thing. Everyone on the bus was in relatively good spirits but the high was coming down as we approached town. The driver would drop us all off individually at our stops. It meant the party was over.

When we got to my friend’s stop, I made an excuse to get out there as well. I didn’t want to be the last girl on the bus with three guys, one of whom was usually picking on me. The other two were his buddies so they just usually hung around and went along. I said I would help her with her luggage. She looked at me funny saying she’s fine. When our eyes met, she was annoyed that I was using her as an excuse.

Anyways, we carried all our luggage into the buildings entrance. However instead of going up the elevators, my friend led me out to the back where another roundabout was. Here was another area where you could be pull up, be dropped off, hailed taxis, etc. When we got close to the roundabout, I dropped the luggage on the ground, walked out front and started skanky dancing for the cars going by. I think I was trying to attract a car to come by to pick us up. My friend also dropped the luggage and walked out further than me and started doing the same thing. I looked back to where she was standing earlier and a younger girl (not sure who she is or where she came from), whom I know looked up to me, stood there, almost like a ghost. I communicated to her through my eyes that she should come join us in the dance. She looked hesitant but excited. Finally she started to come forward.

Looking back towards my friend, a white car was pulling up beside her and she started to talk to them. I don’t know where the younger girl went but I quickly picked up my own luggage and ran back towards the other side of the building where the bus dropped us off. The bus was still there but just about to leave. I ran towards it, clumsy with all my bags and started pounding on the backdoor. One of the three guys opened the door and I jumped on. The bus sped off immediately after just as they were closing the door. They had questioning looks on their faces. I don’t think I really answered, just shook my head, exhausted.


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