Paper Planes on the Courthouse Steps

I know I am missing many many parts of last night’s dream(s) but I think part of last night’s intention was fulfilled. I told myself that I wanted to dream of good memories of spending time with my husband. I’m trying to do this thing where I reinforce my good memories of us being together so I no longer attach “us” with intense emotional pain and hurt only. I’ve tried to do this in real life but it always seemed that with every positive memory, I could immediately relate it to a negative one that occurred within hours of the same event. And those positive memories are few in my waking mind. Therefore I figured I would try to find them or even create them from memory fragments in my dreams. The motivation is lacking but even these things need practice.

Husband and I are tourists, walking around a big city. We stopped in front of a huge courthouse / greek temple looking building. The steps were as wide as the whole length of the building. It had large round fluted columns, the triangle roof structure – just classical. The city was kind of grey and so was this courthouse. We stopped just in front because we wanted to hail a taxi so we were just waiting. I stood, leaning against my husband, arms around his arm. His hands were in his pocket. His attention was focused on the street.

I looked up at the sky, at the surrounding buildings and just took in the uniform greyness of the city. Breathing in its essence, enjoying it in its natural state. I let myself disappear for a moment.

Then as if I was filming over my shoulder behind me (I was eavesdropping), I saw another couple walk hand in hand past the courthouse. On the steps an old chinese homeless man sat on the steps. He was intently folding a paper airplane with brown paper towel, the kind you find in public washrooms. He stood up when complete, not particularly happy but there was an air of accomplishment and excitement to him. Then he launched the plane, upwards into the air. My vision followed it as it went up, caught a draft and did a loop then glided slowly along the steps of the courthouse. For a brief moment, I just saw an overhead shot of the brown plane, sailing over a grey ocean of steps. Then I was under it, looking up from below seeing sky and courthouse roof in the background. It was like I could see the air flow above and below the wings (like an aerodynamics diagram) lifting and creating its movement.

Then the couple said something mean about the old man. The man whispered it, the girl snickered and said something else in return. Nothing horrible but derogatory nonetheless. I pawed at my husband’s chest with my right hand to get his attention. I asked if he heard what they said, saying I couldn’t believe they were being so mean/judgmental. I was kind of laughing at the couple for being haters, at how silly their sentiments were. My husband laughed too but he was laughing at their remarks in agreement. I wasn’t mad at him but was a little put off.


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