A Cottage Filled with Meat

Dreams 08.05.12

In my old bedroom at mom’s house looking out window, watching rm and df move things into a car. Rm is moving out. I wanted to go out to say goodbye but husband comes up behind me. Then he goes out to help. I am hurting inside, as friends go away and I am left behind unable to reach out or make contact. I wished I could go with them.

Another part of dream, I am in a house or cottage, lots of friends there. There is freshly hunted, cleaned, game meat lying all over the floor. Everywhere your eye can see, there is meat. You can’t really walk but it wasn’t bloody. I look at my friend and have a conversation, telling him I am supposed to go out somewhere to meet someone, Not sure who or where. Df walks in just as husband walks out. I was happy to see and be talking to df but asked where husband went, is everything cool with them. He said yes but husband just had to go out to deal with someone. I was relieved to know things were better between them, that I could talk to df but still a bit sad because we can’t be together.

Then I remember sitting in the passenger seat with husband driving as we head towards our destination. We are driving crazily on these back country roads, making sharp zig-zaggy turns, skidding, drifting, as if we were being chased. I don’t know what happened after that, I just remember seeing lots of dust and many times you could barely see what’s in front of the car.


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