Mango Make-Outs, Communal Showers the Unwilling Washing Machine

Dreams 08.06.12
Semi asleep dreaming of putting large cut pieces of mangoes in my mouth, letting df suck on the other end until meeting in the middle and then sucking each other’s face, licking the juices off each other. Yums to mangoes.

Another bit. Stuffing too much laundry into an upright washing machine in the middle of the basement.

I go upstairs into an all wet shower room to join husband and our neighbour tc. I don’t think I was expecting tc to be in there but they were both hanging out talking in there as if it was a steam room. The room was all tile. So the door opened up to a 4 foot channel. Each side had a step about six inches high. Then each side had a tub built from tile. An extending showerhead came out of the wall opposite of the door. It was awkward because I walked in all naked with a tiny square washcloth but tc is usually so nice, I felt rude to leave. the two of them were on opposite ends of the room in the tub so I sat on the tub step on husband’s side. I sat there hunched over, barely covering my boobs with the washcloth. Then husband started running water and gestured, asking if I wanted to be wet, I nodded.

He moved the shower head over me and poured wet, very very warm water down my front, my face and hair. It felt great. I kind of melted from the tub ledge down to the step and somehow managed to submerge myself lying back, face covered, in the 6 inches of water at the lowest level. I was also trying to hide from tc, wondering if his wife would be really mad.

Then I am back in the basement checking on the laundry. The basement is a mess as usual. The washing machine was in the middle, raised on about 5 sheets of thick plywood. The only light in the basement shone down on it. Weird thing was, the lid was open and I saw a lot of laundry spread out on the floor around it. I was like wtf? So I went closer to have a look and then I could see the machine just spitting out pieces of laundry. When I got right up to it, it stopped. So I tried to stuff everything back in, this time not as over stuffed as before.


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