Tickets, Fire, Impressions

Today’s recall has seemingly unrelated bits…

Dreams 08.07.12
I was in a line up to buy some event tickets with husband, my friend SB and his old gf/baby mama. We are having a conversation and husband is only marginally participating. We were talking about somebody in particular and husband chimed in and said she’s part black. We moved forward the zig-zaggy line and I said uh, no I don’t think so. Then SB and LL caught up and said the same thing to him to see if he was really serious. Husband just didn’t respond and moved up to the ticket counter.

Another part of dream: I was in a house with some people. Memory is fuzzy here…but we hear from someone that the house is on fire somewhere upstairs. We don’t seem too concerned and make our way out of the house very slowly.

I am sitting in a kitchen making a great impression on my boyfriend’s (in dream) family. His lovely Christian family was welcoming me with open arms and eating up every story I tell them. We’re all having a good laugh. Some of my boyfriend’s buddies are there too. Then somehow his mom started talking about Twitter and about whether I used it. I must have lots of little random opinions or thoughts that I feel the need to shout out. Since they’ve been so open with me, my first instinct was to not lie but I was reluctant because I talk a lot of shit, swear and say many inappropriate things on Twitter. But since I hesitated, everyone in the room knew I did use it and only trying to hide my name. Then everyone in the room began to goad me into telling them my Twitter name. I don’t recall saying it but they got it and started looking at my page on a phone. My boyfriend’s buddies looked closely at the name and were like, “No way! That’s your name? Shiiit!” I couldn’t tell if his mother disapproved. She was just reading my tweets intently. I was embarrassed and worried but I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I am what I am, ridiculous & uncouth. It makes for some good entertainment at least some of the time.

There was another bit of last night’s dreams that I forgot. Oh well…


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