Red Carpet Berry Tasting

Today’s recall isn’t long at all. I remember very little. I was attending some type of gala or outdoor red carpet type event with an old old friend from elementary school whom I have not seen since elementary school. He appeared in a previous dream of mine. I guess we were dressed pretty formally but I didn’t really catch the details.

They were serving us appetizers and fruits. Someone came by with a platter of blueberries and I grabbed some. Then another platter went by my friend AH and they were also blueberries, except they were shaped like gigantic blackberries, as in the individual globules of blueberries smaller and they were in clusters, making up a larger berry. AH insisted that those were “better” than the ones I grabbed even though I didn’t think so because they were not as deep or rich a blue. I grabbed a cluster anyways, broke off a globule to taste. I was right. The cluster berry had a light watery sugary taste. Where the normal deep dark blueberry’s taste was tart and sweet at the same time. its taste was so rich it’s like you could taste its color.


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