Yummy Tenants at the Boarding House

Dreams 08.12.12
I dreamt that I woke up in my room, in my mom’s basement. Went upstairs to the kitchen, which looked completely different. It was very open, very big, modern, open concept. It had greyish stone walls that had natural joins instead of cut ones. We sat at a large glass table. There were a few other new, young people there too, eating breakfast while my mom was cooking. Turns out she was running a boarding house. There wasn’t a whole lot of conversation but the table full of new, energetic, youthful and beautiful people brought life into an otherwise tranquil but “boring” (in a “it will be there forever”) style of kitchen decor. The mix of new people and new kitchen decor made me feel like I was on a reality tv show.

After breakfast, I went back to my room and snuggled into the blankets. Then I noticed that the left wall of my room wasn’t where it should be. It was a few feet back and it was connected to the room next door. On the far wall was also another door that led to a bathroom. The guy who lived in the next room (whom I just met upstairs) technically has to go through my room just to use the washroom. He was just coming out of the bathroom after a shower, shirtless, with a t-shirt draped over one shoulder, walking back to his room. Then he had to go back into the bathroom because he forgot something. That time, I caught his eye and he smiled a little, embarrassed at being forgetful.

He looked really good walking back and forth shirtless like that. In my warm blankets, I considered if I should and how difficult it might be to seduce him right then and there. Then I realized he must be at least 6 years younger than me. Would he even be interested? I wasn’t really down on myself about it because he could easily not want me just because I’m not attractive to him. But it was a new thought, this wondering if I would be rejected because of age.


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