New City Jogging in Drizzle

I am so glad I started to recall my dreams again because if I didn’t for another few days, that part of the brain would get completely lazy. I didn’t even need to remind myself hardcore at night. I mean I have my usual phone reminder at 11:30pm that says “Dream, remember and be lucid.” But that’s a really mild reminder. Anyways, it looks like just getting more than 4 hours of sleep did the trick. Got about 8 continuous and an hour of lazy snooze.

Dreams 08.18.12
Husband and I are at an event or conference of some sort. We had just arrived in the hotel and you can see the place was buzzing with all the attendees. The bellboy had taken our luggage already so we didn’t actually need to go up to our room right away. We stood around a decorative table with a big giant vase and flower arrangement and just observed the surroundings for a while. Then I got the idea to go for a jog around the block to see what there is to do. Husband was reluctant but agreed.

Our clothes were “magically” changed and we were out the door. The city was very clean and welcoming. It”s hard for me to describe. The street we were on had many LD but we’ll kept hotels. I really haven’t stayed in either cities but I imagine it’s a mix of parts of New York and Montreal. Many cabs were pulling in front of buildings and eager bellboys ran to their doors from their posts. I liked what I saw and felt from this place.

Then it started to drizzle lightly. Looking at the sky, there was a chance a that it would get worse. I saw another runner go by with a clear plastic poncho. Then I imagined myself running by in a light blue plastic one. I turned to husband and wanted to say let’s find a store to buy rain ponchos but he was shaking his head. He did not want to run or even walk in the rain.

Then I believe we parted ways. I walked around the city some more, can’t remember what I saw. I know that I ran into my friend big E (once f the original people who introduced me to husband) at a big urban park. It was dusk, the sun was setting behind him in the horizon. In that light, we stood chatting and then he propositioned me, in a nice way, he knew I wouldn’t be offended. I was a little tempted but very very little but I declined the offer and said we could just go back to his place to hang out but fr now, definitely none of that, I was not ready.


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