Temptation – Rejected!

Dreams 08.19.12
Gotta make this a quick post, need to go for a run…

I was sitting at my desk at work which faced and was against a window, no cubicle like in real life. Our team all sat in an area where it’s just one big square room with rows and rows of desks. One side had a long window just flooding the entire place with light. On the wall opposite the window was a couch, a counter with the coffee station, water cooler, etc.

I was just sitting there, slouched, staring blankly out the window (sort of like in real life lately). Then one of the guys WP came to talk to me. In real life I had a longer conversation with him on Friday and got to know him a better. The horrible thing is in real life during my resume two conversations, I knew I was sizing him up as a potential mate like a fucking animal. I guess he’s a fit guy, pleasant but also too quirky and annoying at times. I understand everyone can be like that but I wasn’t the least bit attracted to him yet I knew what my hormonal self was up to. So I guess what happens next in the dream is more along the same lines. We walked over to the couch side, sat down beside each other and continued talking. We sat closer and closer to each other and then he looked at me and I think he was about to try and make a move and kiss me. However I put my hand out to his chest and kept him at a distance. I loved the feel of a man’s chest but while my fingers enjoyed the sensations, I was thankful that I did not give in.


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