Rich Folks Need Babysitters Too

Dreams 08.22.12
I show up at a luxury apartment and walk into a square, sunken room with dark hardwood floors. There is a grey, modern fabric couch, a low coffee table and a big TV with a video game system, controllers and wires on the floor. Around the room there were floor to ceiling bookshelves on one side with potlights, a simple work desk and chair and a couple of paintings hanging on the walls. There on the couch was a throw, clothes, notebooks. Another look around the room showed that there were clothes and textbooks all around the floor as well. It was messy but clean, like a “messy” apartment on TV, almost a fake kind of messy. It would take only 5-10 minutes to tidy up.

An older man greeted me, followed by a tall lanky teenage boy of anywhere between 15-18 and a younger boy of about 10. I am here to babysit and house-sit. I am in the boy’s “wing” of the large apartment. These people were RICH. There were doors leading to each of their bedrooms. I’ve known this family before. They were not complete strangers. My husband (in the dream) has done work with the father before but we didn’t really know them too well.

The younger one was running around the couch, excited and had lots of energy. The older boy was quiet, also following us around as the father showed me where everything was. His father explained that the older son was studying for entrance exams or something for university, thus all the books all over the apartment. That put him closer to 17, he just had a young face. He was eyeing me with a curious and hungry stare. As wrong as it sounds, if not bound by social mores, I’d lock out the father and little one and take the older boy all over the messy apartment.

Then unexpectedy, my husband shows up. The father and he talk briefly. He kind of talked down to my husband a bit even though my husband always made out their business relationship to be more equal. Husband wasn’t deferential but there was definitely an imbalance that I could feel.

Through the conversation, it turns out husband was here because he was avoiding a formal social event. When this got out. The mother joined everyone as well and the older couple tried to urge us to leave in order to go to this party together. They said I shouldn’t waste my time babysitting when I could be out with my husband (even though I didn’t want to be). In reality, it just felt like they didn’t want us in their apartment, like they were somehow offended we were there. Then eventually, they ushered us down personally, the entire family. All the while the mother and father carried on a pleasant dialogue that didn’t seem like they were ejecting us from the building at all$ Down the elevators we went, to the lobby where I could see the doorman/security guard kind of hovering and standing by. I also saw the bank of mailboxes on one wall, that’s how I knew we were in the lobby.

Then I think I was driving on the highway, leaving this apartment and city, with husband in the passenger seat, wondering why he showed up.

Then there was another part of the dream, which I remembered before I started to write down keywords of the dream to help my recall. By the time I got to this part, I blanked out.


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