Mountain Lakeside Roadtrip plus Newsroom Interns

Dreams 08.25.12
Today’s dream came in two parts. I am pretty sure the connected in some way but through my real world eyes, the connection seems awkward.

I was on a road trip with a bunch of women. There was a convoy of 4 compact cars. Fairly certain my sister drove another car while I was in the passenger seat of the car that my mom drove. The entire group did have men but the ratio was definitely skewed. In our car there was 1 man out of 5 passengers. I think we brought the men along to use as emergency pack mules.

Our driving route took us through forest and past mountain ranges and lakes. The reason I knew I wasn’t riving was because I was sitting n the rear driver seat, focused on the scenery outside. We were passing trees and fields but then this giant mountain pure rock was in the horizon. The scenery around it was normal but this mountain, which looked like it was part of a range was reddish brown all along on almost straight edge down from the peak. It was more like a super mountainous but weathered pyramid was plopped down in the forest and abandoned to the elements for thousands and thousands of years. I was fascinated but no else seemed to be.

As I tried to identify or road, the mountain on my GPS phone, through the camera GPS watch (in my dream my iPod nano “watch” was also Google Glasses equipped, with a camera – next generation Apple!), the semi effeminate dude who sat beside me in the middle rear passenger seat was totally molesting me. He was grabbing me from behind, squeezing my breasts, pushing his face and lips against my ears. All the while, I felt uncomfortable that he did that but I just used my hands to kind of push him away and focused on my fascination with the mountain. In the end, I did find the name of the mountain but no one else cared at all, not one bit.

Next the convoy passed a lakeside village. We slowly weaved through the narrow paths between the houses and it didn’t seem like we knew where we were going. Finally we stopped and my mom asked me to look between two houses, which should give me a view of where another path we just passed would end. I got out of the car, walked 50 feet in between the houses and saw that the path dropped down to an interlocked deck, level with the lake. It was beautiful and welcoming, but a dead end. I reported this back to everyone but they still wanted to go despite the dead end. They said that there will be a path out, just wait and see. I was frustrated that no one was listening to me.

Next I was about to cross a busy downtown street. In the middle of the road there were a group of police officers. I couldn’t tell if they were blocking traffic or blocking the way across the street to my work building. I decided to cross anyways, if anything at least I could get a closer look of what’s going on. As I crossed a couple of big end luxury cars whooshed past me, past the police, almost hitting the group. As I was approaching them, a few of them tried to stop me, saying “miss, it would best if you didn’t come this way.” I just kept walking and said, it’s aright because I work here.

When I walked in the door, I saw a bunch of interns sitting two by two at their desks, set up like a classroom, facing the floor to ceiling glass windows. They were all looking out the windows at the commotion with the cops outside and now there were some real reporters outside. I am writing this at dinner time now so I’ve forgotten lots. I think I went to my usual seat to sit beside my internship partner, a guy who was always sort of hitting on me but not really. We exchanged some words and another one of the female interns came over to gossip about what was going on outside. The male intern dismissed whatever she was saying. Then I forget the rest now.


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