A Performance and Reunion Interrupted

This dream(s) occurred during the first long sleep of a 15 hour flight. I was pleasantly surprised that I would dream and remember anything at all, what with the loud hum of the engine and the uncomfortable surroundings. It did take many hours before I recorded this though, so the account is not as detailed as I’d like but you know, long distance in-flight entertainment is too tempting.

Dreams 09.01.12
I was at a concert with a few friends (df, irish, roommate and a few others) as well as husband. Weird concert: it was Justin Timberlake performing and there was a musical break. He was dancing and Jessica Biel jumped in to dance beside him, they were synchronized. I know it’s a weird image…but that moment of synchronized dancing was really moving in its own way. They gave each other knowing looks, big smiles. They were visibly happy, joyful. I was mesmerized, wishing I could feel what they must’ve been feeling.

Then the group seemed to be making their way out of the plastic stadium seats, pretty sure they were blue. I wanted to stay so I looked over at the guys making their move. Husband was leading the pack, roommate and Irish enjoyed the dancing but could’ve left at any moment. Df was quite intrigued by the dancing as well, he would’ve left if everyone wanted to go. When he saw that I wanted to linger, he spoke up and said let’s stay a little while longer but Husband still wanted to go. He either said or communicated somehow that this was “lame”. That there were “better” things to see and do. After lingering a few more moments, I gave in and got up to go.

The next part may have been part of a different dream. I got into df’s car into the front passenger seat as he rushed into the driver’s seat. We slammed the door shut at the same time. The car was parked on the side of an empty road by a field. The sky was a bright white. We looked at each other, smiling with our eyes. We had lots to say to each other but neither knew who to go first. We also wanted to just throw ourselves into each other’s arms in an embrace but sitting in the car like that would make things awkward. It was known that we decided to talk in the car for that very reason, to prevent, where possible, physical contact.

We were just teeming with energy at the sight of each other. I was wearing a long skirt and sandals and I threw my legs up in front of my chest onto the seat and hugged them, hiding my smile from him (because I was embarrassed at how silly I was being) and continued to stare at him from behind my knees. He stared at me too, smiling, expectantly.

I was just about to open my mouth to speak when I felt and heard a knock on my window. Df looked out at whoever was behind me his smile faded slightly. He kept the smile on his face while looking at whoever was there but it was no longer genuine. I didn’t want to turn to see who it was. It was either husband or anybody else would be just as bad because it was taking me/us out of the current moment, away from the sanctuary of the car. Df looked at me and gestured with his head and told me to please wait and be patient while he went to deal with this, whatever it was. Then he exited the car.


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