The Difficulties of Dream Work While Travelling

It is ever so frustrating, trying to do dream recalls while sharing a hotel room. First, my mother has to sleep with some lights on, whereas I am accustomed to total darkness. I’m not talking about just a night light, I would say the level of light she requires is close to the level of dawn/sunrise light so aside from still being jet lagged, my circadian rhythm is fucked just from the light.

Second she wakes up before me, turns on another light, puts on headphones to watch music videos to practice singing. So I am awakened by the light and kept awake by her low humming. The first thing I can think of when I wake up is, “I want to sleep!” Then I try to recall and I can feel all my dream memories getting sucked back like I’ve cast a net off the side of a little fishing boat and I am watching my entire day’s catch get dragged back into the a dark stormy ocean.


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