Rooftop Waterpark Paradise

This dream occurred between 7am to 9:30 am. I have no idea if I dreamt anything during the long sleep.

Dreams 09.06.12
I was heading up to the top floor of a skyscraper, an office building in HK. I’m not sure what I was looking for but when the elevator doors opened, all I could see was dark brown and black granite surfaces everywhere. The ceiling was crazy high. As I walked, the floor led to an open air balcony-like area. I could see the city down below and I could tell that the building I was in was very tall.

In this area, there was a shallow pool that seemed to drop off at the end, overlooking the city. When I turned around, I saw that this pool extended like a river around other structures on the roof floor. There were many people all in swimming attire, kids, adults, some were on floatation rings. People were laughing and screaming. That’s when I realized I was at a water park.

I don’t think I had a particular goal in my dream but I did know of a specific direction I should head towards. It involved jumping off a ledge where the river ended in a waterfall. Everyone else was doing it and having a grand old time but I was worried about cracking my head open on the granite either on the side of the waterfall or at the bottom. I looked over and watched people and children through themselves over, squealing with joy as they free-fell and splashed own at the bottom. No one else was getting hurt but the water in h bottom pool looked pretty shallow. I stood at the edge of he river, nervous, trying to figure out if I should jump.

A handsome topless man holding a big yellow floatation ring approached me and said hello. He could see why I was hesitating and tried to convince me it was really fun and nothing to worry about. He said I could sit on his floatation ring with him when he went down. I still hesitated.

Next, I was going over the waterfall in slow motion. The man and his yellow ring was a couple feet under me. We were both hearing towards the left granite wall. I reached out with my arms to hang on and the man turned his body in mid air to do the same. We caught the ledge and hung there together for a few seconds. Then we looked at each other and let go at the same time. The rest of the fall made me feel incredibly free. After that I think I spent the rest of the day playing in the waterpark and it was the greatest fun that I’ve had in the longest time.


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