Unlawful Release and A Sniff n’ Rescue

Dreams 09.10.12
I entered the lobby of an institutional building. It had grey marble floors, walls, tall ceiling and it had large windows. It was completely lit by natural light but since the sun was not very strong at the moment it actually felt kind of dark. I am not sure what type of institutional building it was but it felt medical.

I remember running down stairs into the basement floor and unlocking a few doors in a sneaky fashion. I walked through areas that were renovated and unfinished, some parts I had to duck down and I remember distinctly walking through some cobwebs that were caught in my hair. I did not see them at first when I walked past but felt them when I walked through.

Then I walked past a person that I knew someone who was a relative, she looked like my aunt. When I walked by her we were in a hallway where there was only 1 door leading outside. So it was a Greg hallway with 2 it window/door at the end. I remember feeling as if I have done everything I needed to do in this building without anyone knowing, but this. She looked at me with expectation and I opened the door for her to let her out. Then I left the building.

After that, I walked back into the building through the front doors as if nothing had happened before, as if I had not just snuck in and snuck back out. Now the building had more people, they were running around panicked, as if they were trying to solve a mystery, to fix an emergency. I looked around pretending to be innocent because I knew that whatever problem they were trying to solve had to do with me letting the old lady out of the building. She was not supposed to be let go, she was supposed to be some sort of prisoner.

A person that was my friend, who also worked for the police or the people in charge of this institution came up to me to ask questions. I answered them as if I knew nothing but I felt slightly guilty.

The next dream that I had I was just rounding a corner to an alleyway. I turned around and behind me came running 3 to 4 big dogs, behind them came my friend JM. We were supposed to look for a lost dog that had run into a random building down into a subasement of a dirty, ratty looking place.

It turns out I have stopped just in front of the door. It was rusty creaky and disgusting. The old paint was all flaking off. The door was unlocked so I swung it open and JM’s big dogs ran inside, downstairs right away. It was dark down there with just a faint bit of light at the bottom of the stairs. We followed the dogs anyway.

When we were down there it was like an unfinished basement of a house. You can see plastic sheets draped over the fiberglass against the walls. In some areas the plastic was whole, covering the wall from ceiling to floor. In other areas the plastic and fiberglass was ripped. The dogs sniffed around the edges of the floor trying to sniff through the plastic at the fiberglass. I wondered how we would find this lost dog. There was nothing at all in this basement that i could see other than the walls and concrete floor.

I looked around anyway, walking with the dogs until we came to a torn piece of plastic. Now all the dogs were sniffing at this part of the wall. I crouched down to get a better look. Curled up, folded up in an impossible fashion was this dog, somehow in the wall. It was brown and white, kind of like a cow, like my real Bulldog in real life. But the shape of the dog was more like a basset hound. I called out the dog’s name and it just kind of fell off the wall onto the floor. Then it pushed itself up on its feet and started walking and playing with the other dogs. It was very strange to see.


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