A Nap of Multiple Dreams

I’ve had a headache since I woke up today so instead of going to my sister’s and infecting her baby with whatever ails me, I popped a couple gel caps painkiller and had a little nappy time. Woke up a few times but I had dreams each time. This is parts of the 3 of 5 that I can remember. I’m noticing lately that I can remember most of a dream right up until the point when I am about to write it down.

Dreams 09.12.12
The first dream’s memory is hazy now that I try to record it. I know that most of it happened on a brightly lit subway/train platform that was quite futuristic looking. At the end of the dream, I chase an unknown man all dressed in white in a big white overcoat. I am about 500 feet behind him, his overcoat is just flying as he runs. The last I see of him, he dashed into a subway just when the doors are closing. The doors have a open window so just as the train pulls away, I manage to throw something through the window at him.

The second dream happens during a party that my mother is hosting but it’s not at her house. It is in some bar/clubhouse type of place. There was a narrow curvy, windy hallway. All the party rooms were to either side, separated from the hallway by floor to ceiling frosted glass, so as you walk down this hallway, you can see the rooms inside are brightly lit, sometimes you can see moving shadows from the people inside. The entire floor, so all the rooms were filled with guests that I knew, of family friends, etc. I knew all of them but i wasn’t really in a partying mood so I just stayed in the hallway.

There was a long table on one side of the already narrow hallway. A part of it had food and drinks and another part had a display of the various hand fans from my mom’s collection. She doesn’t actually have a serious fan collection in real life. I mean she does, kind of, I sort of started it by buying her a special one online. Then she bought a few other fashion accessory or costume ones. Anyway, side note, having a real hand fan collection of old, hand crafted or commemorative hand fans is something I’d like to have. So there were a few pieces on the table that were nice. She laid then out to show off her collection but I started to play with them and be all interactive with them. My whole god family, kids and all were in a took nearby. My godfather came out with a couple of his grandkids, the little girls. The girls were fascinated by the fans I was playing with, so I proceeded to show them the three really special ones.

One fan had thin pieces of pink quartz attached to the end of each fan blade. It was very light and somehow not easy to break. When you fan yourself with the quartz made a nice tinkling sound. I carefully laid that back on the table and moved on to the next. The next one was made of a shiny foily type of metal. I think along the fan structure, there were little clear crystals inlaid in straight lines. I picked up the third fan off the table to show the kids and now I can’t remember what this one looked like. I knew I chatted with my godfather a bit, not really sure about what. It probably had to do with fans and kids.

The third dream, I was living while traveling, in an all womens dormitory that was built inside a megamall. To access the dorm, you have to go through a door past where the washrooms are. The door comes out to a long hallway that leads outside but on one side there is a fountain area. On the other side is a wheelchair ramp. On one side of the wheelchair ramp, there was a hidden few steps and a doorway. Through there was the dormitory.

The dorm housed travelers, workers at the mall, students, etc. I was there with my mother, traveling but I was not with her all the time. Actually, I was trying not to be with her all the time. I talked to one of the tenants who was also kind of a caretaker there. She took me outside and showed me the fountain across the hallway. Homeless people had started to make their beds around it.

Now that I was up close to it, it became apparent that the space was designed with protruding platforms which looked like benches at first, but actually worked as individual bed pods with shelter from sun and rain. It was built to be a temporary sleeping place for 8 people comfortably. There was water, a little bit of light, some greenery, etc. I was really impressed that the architects had thought to design this space, implement it and no one opposed it. It made me feel good about the world to know that if I ever became homeless, other was some place I could go at the end of the day.

Anyway I went out for the day. When I returned it was night time. The hallway that led to the dormitory was no longer lit with light. I started to wonder is my mother had returned from her day’s travel. She would not feel comfortable coming back to the dormitory in the dark. I felt my way around the dark hallway until I found the wheelchair ramp and eventually the door. I pushed open the door and the light from inside spilled into the hallway. I ask around to see if anyone has seen my mother, I’m not sure what their responses were.


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