The Non Smoking Huddle and The Weird Mouth Adventure

Dreams 09.12.12
I went into a cafeteria area with a bunch of coworkers. It was a mix of coworkers from all my previous jobs. Bff was also there and we sat at the same table. Someone, I think it was my old boss from the concrete company approached our table and asked if we wanted to go outside. Usually that meant going out for a smoke but when we went outside, no one was smoking. A bunch of people were just kind of huddled around each other. They seemed to be murmuring together or at one another.

Nonetheless, bff and I joined the huddle. I can’t describe what happened next. Right now I can only say it was some kind of out of the ordinary, perhaps even an out of body experience. I am not sure if this next part that I remember has anything to do with the huddle.

I was watching inside a representation of a person’s mouth and throat. It was like a stage. The floor was undulating, dark red and slick looking. It was the tongue. On one part of the “wall” there was a slight ramp up that led to two openings. These were the openings to the esophagus. To the right was a large grate on the wall. You can see through to some grey light on the other side, not sure what this was supposed to be. Anyway, as a stage, it could’ve represented the inside of a mouth or a dark alleyway.

So here I was inside this “mouth” just observing. There were two “people” controlling the way food was being digested. One had cooked garlic and broccoli. He was up the ramp near the openings. The other party was near stage right and he had some other piece of food that I can’t remember now. Basically they were at a sort of stalemate, both daring each other to continue with the processing of food. I just remember that both parties were spoiled little fat boys that you’d just want to smack if you heard them whine and taunt each other the way they were doing now.

Then finally they both reached a boiling point with the taunting, the broccoli and garlic got swallowed and the other food got absorbed or something. I ran up the ramp to look down both openings and I asked out loud where each goes. A disembodied voice replied and said both went to the same place in the end. They were just for different sizes of food so the places they go for breakdown was slightly different.


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