Wheelchairs on a Double Decker

I remember there being 2 dreams last night but I woke up after the first one at 2:45am so I can’t remember it. Here’s the second…

Dreams 09.24.12
I was waiting at a bus stop with my sister who was in a wheelchair in the dream. We were on a busy street in HK. While we were waiting I had a quick vision of a map of the area (Google Map style) overlaid on top of my view of the street. My observation of the map was that there were a lot of small clusters of communities, short streets with many turns that came off the main road.

Finally a double decker bus approached the stop. By this time a couple of other people were waiting behind us. The bus stopped, its doors opened and to avoid holding everyone else up, I rushed to lift up the front wheels of the wheelchair onto the bus. Then the weight of the rest of the chair was a bit too much so I was going to have to muster up some strength. Then I heard a beeping sound and all the people going, “whoa whoa miss do you need help?” Then the wheelchair ramp on the bus was moving, that’s what the beeping was. I could see it moving underneath the wheelchair, now half on the sidewalk, walk on the bus.

Finally the ramp was set and I was able to just roll my sister in. The aisle was cramped. I tried to wheel it in as quickly as possible. Again to ensure I don’t get in other people’s way. I found the place where the chair should be strapped and did it as if I’ve done it before, the “proper” way according to the standard instructions of the bus. Then the bus started and I stood there holding onto the overhead rung, body swaying along with the motion of the bus. As we moved along, I was visualizing in my head a better way to get wheelchairs onto public transportation and safely locked into position.


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