Industrial Garden Party

I’ve already forgotten most of last night’s dream. My mind is totally preoccupied as there have been some serious trouble in the real world that sprung up in the past couple of days. It will likely last for some time as well. So I am gonna bet that my recall for the next while will be very spotty and possibly get a little weird, if weirder was possible.

Dreams 09.30.12
I was at a semi formal “garden” party. In the background was an overpass, a bridge. There were orange bricked industrial buildings and a train track too. The sky was a clear light blue and judging by the color of sunlight cast upon the buildings, it was sunset time and we were facing east. The table and chair coverings were all white. As far as I could tell there were only a maximum of 5 tables.

I didn’t know the people at my table but in the dream they were acquaintances and friends. A few of us were huddled around another girl playing with a phone or tablet, I think. And I think another guy was practicing some sort of slight of hand trick with the lilac colored napkins. Pretty sure someone laid a hand on my shoulder from behind me. Then he came around beside me and made a comment about what I was doing. I cannot remember what he said at all.


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