Grandpas are particular about their wicker lounge chairs.

Super fuzzy recall. I was in a weird building that was like a resort/hotel in a communist country. It wasn’t particularly “fancy” but the lounge area had a bunch of wicker chairs, blue-green outdoor carpet patterned with art deco fountains in a lighter shape. The walls were a plain concrete, 12 inches thick. The lounge room opened up to an open air area that may have led to a pool or water feature. There was a group, maybe a tour group, huddled near the inside entrance to the lounge. I stood on the outskirts of it.

I remember having to find a wicker chair for an old man standing beside me all frail and wrinkled. There were empty chairs all around me but I had to go all the way down the hall into another room to get a similar wicker chair for him to sit in.

There was also some 8 bit video game involved in the dream, not entirely sure how. I just know that after putting the old man in the chair, I looked up at the wall to see a projection screen. On the screen I saw the game with its black background and moving neon purple colors blocky shapes just moving around the screen. I’m pretty sure I saw the game elsewhere in the dream but I cannot remember what else happened before or after what I’ve recorded.

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