Hotel Bills Refuted and A Carnival Game

Dreams 10.07.12
There was a confrontation with my husband while we were at a hotel. The hotel suite was huge! Anyway, I remember going up to him, telling him he is full of shit then snatching the phone from his ear. I was about to just rip right into the person on the other line but instead just waited to hear if she would say anything incriminating. I knew who it was. I could hear her breathing, ready to yell back at me but also knowing it was inappropriate so she held her tongue. I can’t remember if I ended up yelling at the person.

Later I am walking back to my hotel suite, to my side of the building. One of my friends/lackeys was walking up to me with a worried look on his face, holding a long print out that trailed behind him as he approached me. I took one look at it and was charged up, angry but glad. I took the paper, now trailing behind me, and stormed down to the hotel front desk. I plopped down the giant itemized room charge bill and yelled at them to remove all charges but the first item. I think the first item was just something normal, like something I knew I used/ordered. I angrily explained to the clerk that I was not here at the time of the second charge onwards to incur these charges to the hotel room. The clerk tried to say that nevertheless they had records of the room using those services. I said, “Listen honey! These were used by my husband and that bitch of his,” (I don’t know if I said mistress but that was the context of the dream even though not so in real life.) “So you better cancel them from my room because I sure as hell won’t be paying for them!” In the end, the hotel gave. I felt angry still but vindicated in some way.

After that, this might be the same or another dream. I was hanging out with a bunch of guys who were my friends but also they were into wrestling or some sort of martial arts. I just knew that from their bantering and physiques. We were at some carnival stall (red tent with colorful decorative flags) where they had a giant scale to measure your weight, one of those guess your weight games. I believe we took turns going on the scale. I was last. Just before or after going on the scale. I dropped down on the floor and did a bunch of push-ups. I was struggling to get through them but my friends cheered me on, encouraging me.


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