Hovering through a Mall

I was able to fly. I had a drawstring backpack, a purse, my usual get-up for my work commute. And somehow with the way my backpack was on and me pumping my legs as if I am walking over big rocks, I could float/fly. So I was doing this through an empty shopping mall. All the stores were closed, gates were down. I was learning how to keep my hovering pace steady so sometimes I wavered, sometimes I fell a couple feet before I would pop back up.

The way through the mall seemed long whilst I did this. The mall went from one storey to two, opening up to a larger area. I followed the path of an escaltor up to the second floor, down a darker hallway. There were flashing lights and smoke coming through a door. I hovered way way closer. Then a female figure in shadow opened up the door and ushered me through.

I remember putting on my ankle boots as a girl opened the front door. Beyond was a beautiful countryside, dark clouds hung over the landscape but in the distance was the glowing light of the sun casting a diffuse glow over the trees and grassy fields. I walked through the door.


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