A Tempting Promise of Shelter from the Rain

Dreams 10.09.12
I was just let out of class, standing in the hallway awkwardly adjusting my backpack and books. I believe I was a Teaching Assistant and I stood in front of my two professors. I felt like I was waiting for them or just trying to see if some social gathering would emerge from the conversation. I felt out of place with them but wanted to fit in, impress. Yet I stood there like an idiot, not even contributing to the exchange. Students were all milling about us as they went from class to class. Then the professors had a pause in the conversation and both looked up at me, as if to say, “What are you doing here?” I nodded goodbye and turned away.

I make my way to the exit leading outside and see that it is nighttime, dark and it just started pouring rain. I only needed to cross over to the other building which I could clearly see in the distance. It would take less than two minutes but dreaded the thought of getting soaked. I braced myself and headed out from under ledge anyway. When I was halfway across, I noticed a door to the right that led to a mini cafeteria. It didn’t look like it had much to offer, no seats, just a counter with snacks and food. It reminded me of the cafeteria counter at my highschool back in the day. There looked to be something like a stove behind the counter as well but no sign of anyone. I knew I was making the wrong decision for very little payoff but it was just too inviting so I opened the door and walked in.

Inside, it was lit by fluorescent lights. The walls and floor were all a dirty yellowish white from years of grease and smoke stains. Overall, the room seemed to have a sickly green tinge. I looked around closely at the offerings on the counter. There was a coffee machine with coffee in the pot that looked like it’s been on warm for several days. There were bags of chips and cookies that looked very generic. There was a dingy table top glass front fridge with some questionable wraps. Behind the chips was a warmer machines. The glass window on it was soot covered but it had some sort of whole grain wraps with meat. I thought maybe that was promising but when I leaned in for a closer look, again it just didn’t look right. I was hesitant to buy and eat it. A person moved behind the machine and came around toward the cash register where I could see their face. It was the friendly lady at the convenience store by my house whom I buy cigarettes from whenever I take the bus that doesn’t come through our neighbourhood. She said in her accent (I’m not good at placing accents, somewhere middle eastern, maybe Iranian), “Hello how are you?” Just like in real life. She noticed me checking out the meat wraps. Then she tried to sell me on them saying they don’t look like much but are actually very good. I just shook my head but she persisted behind the counter. The last thing I remember was slowly backing out of the entrance I came in, back outside into what I expected to be rain but it had actually stopped.


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