Scavenger Hunt

I was a part of a scavenger hunt that took place in the midst of a colorful market place. There were stalls and tents everywhere, unmanned, but the alleyways were narrow. There was a big group playing the game and honestly I’ve forgotten most of the dream. Husband and I were on the same team but we had somehow split up during the game.

I was feeling good hunting for items and just soaring high on an adrenaline rush as I dashed throughout the market. When I was almost done with the list, I see husband in the distance turning a corner. I ran away in the opposite direction to hide. I wanted to be far away from him. I ducked into a tent and climbed into the bottom shelf oif a stainless steel metal shelf which was covered by a pink table cloth. I wait, holding my breath. I didn’t stay there for long before I was discovered anyway. Husband lifted the table cloth and I hated to see the look of sadness in his face and the disappointment that I would actually hide from him.


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