One Nighter

I only remember one part of the previous night’s dream and forgot the more important “lesson-y”, insightful part. I was awkwardly making out and groping one of df’s coworkers that I used to see a couple times a week when we all hung out for a smoke. He’s a nice guy but I remember being mildly disgusted with myself for doing this because from what I knew of him as a person, I really didn’t like him enough for this. As we were blindly necking, we were backing up into a bedroom that belonged to neither of us. TV cliche-like, we fall down onto the bed about to get it on for a one night stand.

All I know is that there was something important in the dream but damn I forgot it all. I want more sleep. Need it! I am running a half-marathon (first time!) this Sunday and I need to stay healthy…


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