Fantasic Candy Corn Machine

Dreams 11.02.12
I was at a chinese restaurant, attending a small banquet for one of my husband’s distant uncle’s birthdays. His family was in the main room, one filled lonely table surrounded by a bunch of other empty ones. The empty tables were all set and decorated so they were either expecting or had at least paid for that many tables. There were maybe 5 other single guests peppered around the room.

I sat down with the family and some bland conversationg began. I can’t remember what it was about but it ended with me suggesting small round circlular safety pins as the solution. I thought it was a great idea but it seemed to go over everyone’s heads.

Around this time, husband had come into bed from his routine early morning drive home in the real world. So I woke up a bit, half in wake state, half in dream state. I remember not saying to him, just kind of shuffling over, holding onto blankets so he doesn’t take them all. But I also remember thinking, as our dog readjusted her positioning multiple times, that beside me was a pile of small circular safety pins. And I was “guarding” it with the dog.

Back in the dream, I got bored sitting with that part of family so I decided to walk over into the other banquet room where a few tables of my own family was. I just walked around without mingling too much. Just a quick wave around the room and then back to the boring table. But when I was walking back, the DJ had started playing music and two lone old dudes, one might’ve been the birthday boy, was dancing hardcore but awkwardly in the middle of the room. I just kind of turned around and went into the other more casual feeling room. I found a table where a couple of my cousins were so I sat with them and chatted.

After the chat, I moved to the back of the room where there was a kitchen with a long island. There were 2 plain white-grey boxes, gifts. I went back behind the counter and when I did a 180, the room was no longer a banquet hall. I was inside a spacious lofty apartment building.

Anyways, I examined the two boxes. One was about a cubic foot big, the other slightly smaller. They had no label on them but somehow I knew they were for me, but not from whom. I turned the boxes over carefully, still not finding anything. Then on the bigger box I found something in small print. I took them as some kind of instruction to begin a sort of ritual that would activate something. I held the larger of 2 boxes in my hands, held it out slightly in front of me reverently and recited an incantation in a language I did not know. I finished up by putting the box up to my lips, kissing it, then laying it on the floor, next to the counter, in front of a door that connected to my sister’s apartment next door. The box began to bubble and swell, growing bigger very slowly. I picked up the smaller box and did the same thing, this time setting it down to the left of the pulsating bigger box.

I stood there watching from above as the boxes twisted, turned and pipes and additional compartments protruded out of the 2 boxes which had now become 1 entity. The shape of it continued to change as it grew bigger and bigger. It grew bubbles which turns into clear plastic domes over trays filled with “beads” of various colors. As the thing continued to twist and grow up from the floor, moving past my height, a big pipe extended up towards the ceiling and planted itself in. It became an exhaust pipe of some sort. The growth was now slowing and I was able to inspect the trays and domes more closely.

The “beads” were candy or colored kernels of corn. Different colors and their own trays and domes but allhad a tube that fed into a more central, opague portion of the machine. Now I understood. This was a candied corn machine and it was just magickal! I wanted to try it but was also scared because the bright colors of the candies and corn did not look healthy at all. Yet I wanted to see thw machine in action. I tapped on the door that led to my sister’s apartment, right next to the machine to try and get them to come over.

She ended up coming through the front door with my brother-in-law. My mom had also wandered into the kitchen. No one but me seemed to be interested in this oddly shaped machine. I tried to point to it, interrupt their conversations but they just ignored me. My mom went on to talk about wanting to make soup with a certain ingredient. She asked my brother-in-law where she might get this. He suggested just down the street at a specific market. There was a pause, then he offered to go get it for her or at least with her. Then she declined the offer politely even though it was clear from her expression that she would rather he do it for her.

I just stood there half distracted now by the fact that no one was the least bit interested in this machine.


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