Missing Out on a Good Spread

Dreams 11.05.12
I wake up late, about to go to work. I could not tell whether it was night or day. All I know is when I came out of the bedroom, my mom, grandma (From dad’s side, who passed away earlier this year. She was so young here, like she was when I was a little girl), sister and brother-in-law were gathered around and milling about the kitchen counter, setting up several casseroles and dishes. They were getting ready to eat.

Everyone asked me to stick around to grab a bite before I left but I told them I was late for work and should get going right away. The smells of all the yummy foods drew me and I could not resist walking around the table to see what was in the casseroles.

There was one pot filled, FILLED with homemade dumplings, garnished with some green onions and droplets of hot pepper oil. My sister and brother-in-law were already at the table chowing down, making big slurpy sounds as they sucked down their noodles in soup. I looked on the table, there was a big bowl of braised beef and flat rice noodle and a big platter of cured meats. It all looked so delicious, I had to start grabbing some meat slices off the platter.

Then my mom said from the kitchen counter that she found a few packs of prosciutto that she forgot about so she started unwrapping and peeling off the separating pieces of plastic / wax paper. She handed me a few slices wrappers and all. Instead of unwrapping like she wanted me to, I one end of the slices in my mouth and used my teeth to pull out the meat from in between the paper. The meat was soft and flavorful I wish she had given me more.

I longed to stay and join the family for the amazing meal that was laid out but I was really going to be late. So as I walked out the door, I felt left out and sad that I would be missing out on family time and good food.


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