Lesson on Love on an L-Shaped Staircase

I believe there was much more to the dream but I did go to sleep pretty late last night so I am actually surprised to remember anything at all.

Dreams 11.09.12
In an airport, bus or train station, I was walking briskly, pulling a slightly overpacked rolling suitcase behind me with one hand and carrying a smaller suitcase in the other. I also had a backpack and a purse hanging from my right elbow.

I don’t think I was late but I did want to make a flight/train/bus just a bit early get a good spot. The station/port had super high ceilings. In contrast to all my other dreams where buildings of this type were new and space age style, this one was old. If I told you this in real life I would definitely say that it was an old railway station. It had yellowed walls, decorated pillars, a checker black, brown floor pattern and the ceilings were completely painted.

I was about to pull my big piece of luggage down a flight of L shaped stairs broken up into 2 sections. However the weight of the suitcase made me reconsider whether I should pull it down behind me and risk it crashing down, wrecking the wheels or for me to let it drop step by step while I held onto it from behind. Or the 3rd option would just be to carry it down. It would be awkward with all my pieces of luggage but I could probably do it.

As I was contemplating this at the edge of the stairs, a family walked past me only one of them had a small suitcase. I noticed it was someone I knew, an old friend/crush from university who seems to be enjoying a successful career as a local comedian in Montreal, part of a comedy troupe with regular shows every week. He was the one about to get on a train/plain/bus. The people around him seemed to be his family, like his brothers/sisters and his parents. They walked right by and he did not notice me.

Halfway down the L-shaped stairs, he turns around to face his parents. His suitcase almost fell down the stairs but his brother or friend managed to grab hold of it in time. Then he starts to tell them all how much he loved them, how much he would miss them, how much he would cherish the time spent with them during this visit. His family all got it, kind of sloughing it off as him being melodramatic, motioning to him to say, hurry up you gotta catch your flight/train/bus. But he stopped them and reiterated his words again making sure they knew that he really meant it.

While I listened to his speech and had contemplated going over to say hello to a person I have not seen in 8 years, I was also very moved by his sentiments towards his family. In fact I started to get a bit teary eyed. When he was done his speech and the whole family continued down the stairs, I started down as well. I was pulling my suitcase down behind me, no longer wondering which was the best way to do it, just one step at a time, trying to recover from my almost fallen tears, trying to regain composure.


Overnight Shift at the Bus Depot

Dreams 11.08.12
I arrived at a bus depot just after sunset. There was still a glow in the sky but it was getting dark very fast. I was driven in a tiny compact car, along with a friend (a girl that I can’t pinpoint if real or not) by our boss.

He dropped us off and swiftly drove off the the offices while my friend and I just kind of twiddled our thumbs not really sure what we were supposed to do. The bus depot was a big property. Most of the buses were parked far away from the entrance so we only saw them from a distance. I guess we were supposed to move around buses to their respective spots and just work security throughout the night.

At one point, my friend was at the far end of the lot just making rounds. I was right by the entrance and could see her, small and tiny in the distance. We looked at each from far away and just knew that right now was the time for a silly game. I knelt down beside the entrance lane with both arms out in front of me and made loud obnoxious, race announcer sounds. She ran like the wind towards my “finish line” and when she crossed we both cheered.

Later on in the night, our boss came up to us and told us we needed to head over to a parking lot owned by the same company that operated the bus depot. He led us towards a dark tunnel which was a bridge/teleport between the depot on the outskirts of town right to the city. I remember being pretty facinated by this and I was skipping and hopping as we approached the pitch black tunnel.

When we arrived at a small corner parking lot, the boss told us we had to be valets, park and move cars around all night long. I walked through half the parking lot to get to a car I was supposed to move. I also remember seeing my friend Big Head who seemed to be impressed by my valet job. I remember backing up and moving a few cars, mostly compacts but that’s all I can recall.

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