Overnight Shift at the Bus Depot

Dreams 11.08.12
I arrived at a bus depot just after sunset. There was still a glow in the sky but it was getting dark very fast. I was driven in a tiny compact car, along with a friend (a girl that I can’t pinpoint if real or not) by our boss.

He dropped us off and swiftly drove off the the offices while my friend and I just kind of twiddled our thumbs not really sure what we were supposed to do. The bus depot was a big property. Most of the buses were parked far away from the entrance so we only saw them from a distance. I guess we were supposed to move around buses to their respective spots and just work security throughout the night.

At one point, my friend was at the far end of the lot just making rounds. I was right by the entrance and could see her, small and tiny in the distance. We looked at each from far away and just knew that right now was the time for a silly game. I knelt down beside the entrance lane with both arms out in front of me and made loud obnoxious, race announcer sounds. She ran like the wind towards my “finish line” and when she crossed we both cheered.

Later on in the night, our boss came up to us and told us we needed to head over to a parking lot owned by the same company that operated the bus depot. He led us towards a dark tunnel which was a bridge/teleport between the depot on the outskirts of town right to the city. I remember being pretty facinated by this and I was skipping and hopping as we approached the pitch black tunnel.

When we arrived at a small corner parking lot, the boss told us we had to be valets, park and move cars around all night long. I walked through half the parking lot to get to a car I was supposed to move. I also remember seeing my friend Big Head who seemed to be impressed by my valet job. I remember backing up and moving a few cars, mostly compacts but that’s all I can recall.


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