Little Room for Dreaming

It feels like it’s been days since I’ve recorded my dreams and my recall has been less than stellar. Life has felt crazy lately. Aside from getting home late after my normal commute, there has been little time to squeeze in a exercise. I think I only managed to get out once last week and not at all on the weekend.

Usually I end up cooking, eating, then packing up for a day or two to drive an hour away to another place of rest. I’m kind of living out of a bag, out of a suitcase. Anyway, all this results in a lot of sleeping late, waking up to drive an hour back, nap an hour then commute to work again.

I think the whole process has been normalized now. However, it leaves little contemplation time after waking up to solidify my recalls. I know I’ve dreamt and usually remember quite a bit of detail but then I am rushing out the door to beat traffic at 5am. There is an hour on the road where I have to really concentrate because I am driving sleepy, so 90% of the memories disappear.

Tomorrow, I promise, I will record my dream(s).


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