Revelation and Hockey

Dreams 11.25.12
I was in a big office building. The lobby was more like a convention centre with very wide spaces, big escalators, light in color, windows, tall ceilings.

I was going down an escalator to some sort of gathering, a banquet or business event. Outside the event room were a bunch of chairs and benches, covered nicely with table cloths and chair coverings. I was talking to someone, a brother of a friend (not anyone in real life but in the context of the dream that’s who they were). I don’t remember what we were chatting about exactly but he told me that “everyone knows that df’s personality is among your top 3 choices for traits you want in a mate”. I got defensive, questioning why anyone would think that and who was “everyone”. Before he could really answer, he started to get emotional and teary eyed. Then his older brother came out of the event room, saw us talking, saw his younger brother look upset, and he came to stop the conversation and took him away. I just stood there looking after them with a look of questioning. They looked back at me with a look of giving up on me, in disbelief that I had no clue what they were talking about.

Some other stuff happened in the dream that I can’t recall.

Another part of the dream, I was integrated or adopted into another family. I was outside with the kid, a 8-10 year old boy. He was about to play street hockey with his friends. He was being very nice and invited me to play. I didn’t know what I was doing, I asked if there was an extra hockey stick. He told me where to grab one and we started to play. The puck was being passed around. The boy made a point of including me, passed me the puck. I ran with it a bit and passed it to another girl on the team. It was a horrible pass but she got it. She took it down to the goal and I think she scored. Everyone on our team was cheering excitedly. I was kind of ambivalent, not being a sports fan and feeling out of place.


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