To Catch a Sex Demon

Dreams 11.30.12
This was a strange one…I’m not sure how much of it I “filled in” during recall.

I was in old timey feudal times China. I was all armored up, leading a charge up an octagonal tower with green singles that was about 8 stories tall. I had a handful of soldiers with me. They ran up before me.

We were there to arrest someone known for capturing and raping virgin girls. When we got to the top floor, the rapist was dressed in rich looking clothing, styled like Hanfu from the Tang period, all in dark pink. When we charged in, he was canoodling on a platform bed with 3 girls all in various stages of dress in flowing silk robes. They all seemed to be willing participants. When the girls saw the soldiers, they screamed and ran off.

The “rapist” seemed confused but still merry. He waved his arms after the girls when they ran, rolling around drunk on his platform bed, decorated with hanging curtains from the ceiling. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes were half closed. I stood over him watching. In my role of enforcer/judicator, he just looked like a rich, gay, asshole and I wanted to slap him around, tie him up and torture him. I watched him for a bit unsure what to do. He wasn’t doing anything illegal in that particular moment.

Then he sat up abruptly, apparently the drunkiness wore off. I jumped back down onto the floor. He grabbed a maroon coloured square pillow beside him and spun-threw it in my direction. I dodged out of the way. Where the cushion landed on the floor, demons appeared and began to howl and growl. They were a dark brown color, with little flesh on their bones. Their skin was overstretched across their skeletal frames, it looked like wet leather. They had horrible, distorted faces. After their fit of howling and revelling in being summoned, they turned to me and eyed me as if I was their next meal. They did not come at me right away though. They waited patiently for their master’s orders.

As soon as they appeared in the room, I could sense their energy to be a bad one. It was predatorial and violently coercive. I knew then that the “rapist” was not the one actually raping the virgins. It was he, a higher level sex demon who only seduced the young girls first, feeding on their desire. Then he summoned these creatures to take them by force, violently, ravaging them so they could feed on the violence and the action of “taking”.

I don’t know what happened to me after that because I think I woke up to the alarm.


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