A Talk To Fix All

Dreams 12.08.12
I was at work but it was all dark out like it was night time for some reason. During my lunch break, I went outside of the building and see df pull up to the curb in front of me. I knew he had something to say so without worrying about possible consequences I jumped in the car and went for a ride.

There was a long silence and we seemed to keep going around in circles, always making the wrong turn that did not take us back to the office. He seemed nervous and kept looking straight ahead at the road, not once looking at me. When he made the wrong turn again I spoke up, “Do you have something to say?” Then he finally managed to say, “I don’t know how to do this, how to tell (another of my husband’s close friends, who we are staying with).”

I told him, “I don’t think there is any reason or point to tell (friend). He has nothing to do with anything. What’s more important is for you to get a chance to talk to husband. I can’t speak for you about how you feel about all this but an apology of some sort seems to be in order. I’ve already said my piece to him.” He didn’t respond but seemed to be nodding sheepily in agreement.

Then I looked out the window into the night wondering when anything will ever be right again.


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