Imagining a Show and The Dark Mirror Video

Dreams 12.06.12
I was mulling about a school gym. It looked like a concert was being setup on stage. I was supposed to be security guarding one of the doors. From my vantage poiint I saw Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and another well known guitarist from another big band, his name escapes me at the moment. They were kind of hidden in the backstage area by the half closed sliding walls that separated the gym and stage into different classrooms. When I caught a glimpse of their faces, I was too curious so I walked around to get a better vantage point.

They were loading equipment through the door and setting them up. I was surprised to see that it was not a guitar or band setup. They had a lot of mixers and panels so it was more like a DJ setup. I guessed that they were teaming up to do some experimental collaboration, playing crazy small shows in front of young kids who would have a clue that they were already famous musicians.

I wanted to walk up and ask them questions, talk to them. I wasn’t a huge fan of either of them specifically but have always enjoyed their music. I was a bit starstruck. I contemplated just writing them a nice note and just leaving it on their panels. That would be way too cheesey though. So I finally got up the courage, walked right up and I asked if they were doing one show or two tonight. Tom Morello was very nice. He smiled and answered me politely. I said something else kind of dumb. Tom continued to be nice since he realized I was a fan but the other dude was kind of rude to me, giving me blunt one word answers. Finally I left them alone and walked out of the gym. I looked back at the half closed stage and took in the gym environment one last time, imagining what their show would look like.

Later in the dream, I was sitting on a dark leather couch in a dark room, taking a video with my cellphone camera, into a mirror. So I was seeing the bright light from the cell phone reflected in the mirror at me and the silhouette of myself and the couich could barely be seen.


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