Wild Imaginings

Dream 12.28.12
I get a little sexually graphic in my description today – be warned.

As I continue to refrain from sex in the real world, my dreams have definitely become more sexual in nature. Even though I don’t feel frustrated irl, in my dreams, it often becomes my goal: the search of someone, a place, an act, etc.

Last night’s dream, I was in a restaurant, with friends perhaps. I was sitting there darting my eyes around at everyone and everything in the room, imagining myself giving blowjobs to every man everywhere. I was specifically imagining in minute detail, the sensations of putting my lips around the head of a penis and feeling the smooth, spongy but stiff flesh inside the walls of my mouth. Yes I do enjoy that quite a bit irl but in the dream I was savouring the thought, reminiscing and obsessing over the memories of such sensations.

Then for whatever reason, we had to leave the restaurant through the “back” way. So we went behind this wooden slatted enclosure, which was the way downstairs to the washrooms. But behind the enclosure there were also a bunch more private tables. As we ran down the stairs towards the washrooms and backdoor, I wondered why anyone wanted to sit in more private tables that were situated right beside the washroom.


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