The No Eyebrow Look

Dreams 01.11.13
Recall is poor again. Haven’t been able to get back into the swing of things. I’m losing purpose as I wait things out so often forgetting to try to remember. Although reminding myself when I lie in bed definitely makes me remember, at least in the moments when I open my eyes. The problem is retaining information after stepping off the bed in the morning.

Today, I forgot everything after turning on the lights. The only flash of memory came while I was putting on make-up whilst getting ready for work.

In the dream, I was dabbing cream foundation onto my face, including the eyebrows. Then I took an eyebrow brush and started to sweep brow powder along. As I did this in the dream I thought, oh I did not need to foundation my eyebrows. I’m just putting on a regular brow color, there’s no need to cover that up. What was I planning to do with that?

Then I just shrugged it off. I did it out of order anyway, might as well continue. And I did so but as I was finishing up with the other eyebrow, I wondered if by putting a layer underneath the brow shadow, it would make the brow shadow easy to come off. I imagined what this would look like and it was weird. From far away it looked like I had little to no eyebrows and from up close it would just looked like I either did a horrible job painting my brows or I was attempting some new make-up trend but failing miserably because it looked so bad.


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