Packed Bags and An Unfinished Store

I can’t remember the order here. In one part of the dream, I was with my family, mainly my mom and my sister and dad may have been there as well, in a vacation home. I guess it was time to go because I was arguing or bickering with my mother while walking upstairs about which bag to take. It was a floppy but long bright duffle bag. I kneeled down and stuffed some more clothing in and grabbed it.

In another part of the dream, I was very excited to go into a clothing store, expecting awesome finds. But when I walked in it looked like they were finishing up with rennovations, sweeping the dusty hardwood floors and there were still some contractors putting up shelves. The nicely dressed store attendant smiled at me while holding some dirty tools for the contractor, far away from her body. I wondered if I walked into the store before opening hours but I did not see a sign. She didn’t say anything else and didn’t tell me to leave either.

I was disappointed but saw that they had a rack on the back wall of colorful scarves so I decided to look anyway. I walked up to the rack and felt some really nice silk scarves. Then I saw the side wall had a couple of red crates with vintage record cover t-shirts. I rummaged through the bin, flipping through the shirt designs, pausing at a couple of interesting ones. Then I looked around some more, realized there was nothing else I could pretend to look at and decided it was time to move on.


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