On Display, Office Fun and a Strange Zoo/Café

Warning: some of this is sexually graphic.

Dreams 01.16.12
I had 2 parts to my sleep cycle last night. I think o forgot the dreams in the first part but a vague memory of something jkust trickled in…

Part One
All I can remember is sitting on top of a 2 person table with my knees up, bent in front of me, pantsless, underwear around my ankles, not sure if I had a shirt on or just one that was open. I was leaning against an unknown man sitting similarly behind me.

The tabletop had a tablecloth, off-white and was surrounded by 6 inches tall plexiglass. There were rose petals scattered around us. We were in a fine dining restaurant, in an old style steak house setting with dark red damasque walls and faux candle wall lamps. We were in one of the side rooms so it wasn’t crazy busy, just a couple of tables spread out.

Anyway, it seemed like we, I specifically, was on some sort of sexual display but nobody paid attention. I could see the host bring more people into the room to be seated but they walked right by. The man behind me, holding me, had been feeding me sips of wine all night so I was drunk and floppy. I was numb and didn’t bother to look in my drunkiness but I’m pretty sure he was using the wine cork to poke around inside me, slipping it in and out while squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples from behind. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it all but because I was numbed and weakened by the wine, it was just kind of a tease.

Part One and a Half
This one was sort of a fantasy/dream. I woke up around 4:30am. Fueled by my previous dream, I was at least mentally aroused. I tried to fantasize about various things (df mostly) but really it was kinda of painful and sad to think about him and I was too tired so I just tried to relax and go back to bed. But then somehow this fantasy/dream still came to me.

I was at the office. It was the end of the day and only me and my boss were left in our area. His office has glass windows all around with no privacy at all. In fact one side of his office looks out to the elevators and many people go past to get to it. I can hear some other people still working away in the surround departments.

My cubicle is at the very end of the aisle just outside my boss’ office. One side is a giant window, behind me is our boss’ boss who is long gone for the day. All the cubicles from mine to my boss’ office were empty.

I walked over to his office door, about to step into his office as he got up out of his chair, coming for me. Then I saw out of the corner of my eye another colleague from down the hall going to the elevators. I turned around to exit the office and heard my boss say goodnight to the person behind me. When I was halfway down the aisle, I stopped in one of the empty cubicles and leaned on the desk, head a bit down so no one would see me (I am short), waiting.

Then I hear him walk towards my cubicle on the end. When he was about to walk right past me, I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up against me. I threw my arms around his neck to hug him, my cheek mashed up against his face, lips brushing by his ear and just exhaled in relief as I squeezed him hard. After a few seconds he gently pushed me away from him by about a foot. Then he leaned into me slowly, head tilted just a bit and we pressed into each others lips and kissed. It was slow, deep and so satisfying.

Part Two
I can’t remember if I woke up between part one and a half and part two. If I do it was short and if not, I don’t know how the dream transitioned.

We were dropped off by a school bus in front of a Disney palace looking place, inside an amusement park. I was the only adult amongst elementary school kids. Inside it was a museum/zoo. All the Disney characters were animatronic guides. I wish I remembered who introduced which exhibits but I remember thinking they were very fitting in the dream. Some were ironically fitting.

I walked around on my own, exploring while the klds ran around on their own as well, paired up in the buddy system. I walked through a double set of doors into a oval room with 2 rows of aquarium/terrariums. I remember seeing 3 interesting ones on the bottom row. First one: I can’t remember now. Second. A cat sits in water up to its neck. A small bottom feeder fish swims around it. The cat swats at it and the bottom feeder latches onto its paw. The cat starts freaking out. Third one: I also can’t remember now.

I go through the doors again into the next room, excited, wanting to tell my friends what I just saw. All my “friends” were waiting inside an empty cafe, sitting in the booths. We were all bridesmaids and groomsmen, waiting for the bride/groom or both, dressed up in tuxes and poofy gowns. I was either wearing just a sheet I grabbed off to the side because I was naked, or I was just naked trying to sit in the booth hiding behind the table and poofy dresses of others.

Everyone was getting bored sitting around so I think I cam up with some stripping game on the spot. We were just about to start when the bride came in and saw what was happening. She got really upset and I was just kind of like, whatever, because in my head, all this wedding stuff is for show anyway. It’s like icing on a cake. It could make a delicious cake even better, more fun. It could also make a disgusting cake appear to be delicious. Once you get past the icing, you just want to spit it out as soon as you can.


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