The 3-in-1 Dream Journal Entry: An Addictive Substance, Snowstorm and A Winter Sport Challenge

Dreams 01.21.13
The only thing I remember from last night’s dream is that I was talking to a friend while sitting on a couch, comparing something called “macca” to cocaine saying that it was addictive.

Dreams 01.20.13
It was morning. There had been a huge snowstorm so outside was covered in snow.
It was a bright clear, crisp air , blue sky kind of day. I went outside, pants droopy half around my ass but went around the corner in a conscious decision because I saw df, his bro and another friend pass by before I cam out of house. I yelled out at them asking for a smoke then retreated back around the corner.

They started back right away. I pulled my pants up all the way up realizing I looked ridiculous. Then we stood around in a smoking circle. Df stayed about 5 feet away from me at all times. Then a bunch of other people arrived at the house and joined the smoking circle, filling in the gaps in between. Inside, I was sad there was so much distance in 5 small feet.

We moved inside and gathered at the edge of a room to watch a presentation being projected onto a wall, floor to ceiling. I had been part of the creation of this presentation. For some reason I dove across the hardwood floor to “press” the virtual keyboard buttons that were project on the floor. Whatever I did interrupted the presentation and paused it. The presenter and people in the standing audience made fun of me as I lay face down, sprawled on the floor. I felt foolish.

Dreams 01.19.13
I know there were 3 key elements of this dream because I was lazy for about 20 minutes curled up in a ball trying to keep those 3 elements in my head so I could write them down but as soon as I rolled over I forgot one of them.

Me, bff and my sister in law were skiing or boarding at a ski resort. We were determined to ski all the runs from beginner to black diamon even if we went slow and took forever. It was going to be a challenging “girl’s” day. We were maybe halfway through all our runs in the Blues but I saw the sky getting darker. It was already late afternoon. I looked across to the other mountain where most of the black diamonds were located and didn’t think we would make them before dark.

When we got to the bottom, we decided we should have dinner, take in the view and discuss whether to tackle the rest of the challenge the next day. People point us to a restaurant to the left of us, run by the ski resort. It had patio seating even for winter time. They had strong heat lamps everywhere.

After a nice relaxed dinner, we walked back to chalet. We come along a stone-paved path that lead up to the chalet complex. Then time jumped to the next morning. I walked out of the chalet with a big purse on one shoulder and something like a mail bag on the other. I follow the stone-paved path to a street where a bicycle sat in between two parked trucks, one in front, one behind. I swung my leg and the mail bag over the bike. The mail bag was dropping low, touching my outer thigh. As I put my left leg and pushed on the left pedal, the hand bag on my left hit my left outer thigh.

I thought to myself, this is gonna be tricky. Then I wobbly manoeuvred the bike around the parked trucks and cars on the road.


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