A Library Lost and Two Paths from The Castle

Dreams 01.22.13
I walked into a building, into a small hallway. On the left was a closed door and directly in front was a store with the windows and glass door covered with paper. Light shone through from behind so I thought it was open. I walked in with the person I was with.

Inside was a very small and cramped shop that sold Japanese books. I walked around a little, saw no opening to the place I was searching for, then exited. We went to the closed door on the right.

It opened up into a huge warehouse space. I walked around, looking. There were clearly designated lots. Some had pallets stacked high of many different products, all wrapped up that I really couldn’t tell what was there. Other lots had heavy oak tables, pieces of half sewn clothing laid out with designers hovering over them. There were forklifts going up and down aisles in the distance. I also saw many tall standing pottery pieces, vases, statues, etc.

I was impressed by the variety of things I saw, and by the size of this never-ending seeming warehouse but it was not what I came for. I thought and expected this space to be a massive library. It was a place I had been to before and used to hang out here to recharge, soak in the smell of books, revel in the dead air calmness inside the library. I was disappointed that I came all the way, dragged my friend along, and it turned out to be something completely different, albeit cool in its own right.

We found our way out of the warehouse, which actually led back into the cramped japanese bookstore. Here, I thought, is the remnant of what I once knew. It was not as glorious as it ever was but it’s something: a memory, a momento of the grandeur that used to be the library. Then we walked out and did not look back.

Next I arrive at a castle. To be exact, I arrive at the side entrance, to a side room that lay on the very outskirts of a castle, right on the edge of a cliff. The good thing was that it led directly out to the path through the mountains that led to the next town (where we came from). There were no neighbours. And the inner path through the castle led right to the market area where the rest of the peasants would get their daily supplies.

I opened the doors to the room that were to be mine. Inside it was like a nice small bachelor condo or a large hotel suite. It was one big room with a door which led into a master bathroom. On the left was the big walk-in closet. To the right was a step up tub. Directly before the bathroom was another set of closed doors which was opposite the large bed that took up most of the space in the room.

I had a feeling of deja vu as I walked into the bathroom/closet. I fumbled for the light switches as I walked out. The bathroom was lit with a cooling yellow-green glow that seemed to be reflected sunlight from some unseen window. I had the feeling that I had just walked into this room before and that I should be doing it differently. I headed back out the main door and was surprised (but not) to see a man dressed in mail, readying his horse.

He spoke to me, giving me instructions to get comfortable, stay put, while he went down the cliffside path, to go do something important. He told me I should familiarize myself with the castle town, find some firewood and food. Then he hopped on his horse and went on his way. I looked out at the narrow view of the mountains and the sunlight shining on the path. It was quite beautiful and inviting but a narrow view framed by the hard, cold, unlit, grey stone of the castle walls.

I looked down the other way, towards the market path. It was still unlit by the sun, which was just starting to rise. The inside of the castle was still in shadow. While it looked cold, I could hear sounds of the market starting to liven up. Pots and pans banged around and sheep bleated. It peaked my curiosity.

I went back into the room, opened the closed doors in front of the bathroom/walk-in closet, which led to another big walk-in closet. I thought to myself, this must be what I should do differently. This part still feels familiar even though already slightly different. Then I was determined to do it differently and headed outside again. Then I don’t remember which way I went, away from the castle and down the cliffside or inwards into the castle markets…


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