Suburban Move and Fuel Stop

Dreams 01.24.13
I was arriving by a little compact car (in the passenger seat) to a small town about an hour by train outside the city. We were looking for a house. I can’t remember who was driving me. I was supposed to be moving into this small house, along with another tenant who was an acquaintance. She was moving so she could take case of her elderly parents who lived on the next lot.

When we arrived and pulled up on the side of the road, we were actually on the back end of the lot so there was no driveway here. The grass surrounding the house was very green and of a fine variety. There were big trees surrounding the little house and the elderly parents’ house. I looked over and realized the elderly parents were the people who gave us our childhood dog. They lived in Kitchener so I figured that’s where I was in the dream.

My driving friend and I approached the front of the house and see the other tenant moving. Her stuff was all over the front lawn like a truck just parked, vomited all her stuff on the premise and took off. There was a big full bookshelf in the doorway, half in half out.

We looked around to find the owner of all this stuff. I only had a bag in the car but I’d like to help get rid of this eyesore of a mess. It would bother me forever knowing this stuff was everywhere even though it wasn’t mine.

We walked around the stuff then finally heard the other tenant, a women. I think she is someone I know from work, or from a TV show. She seemed like a generic, tall skinny girl who acted well mannered normally but now, she looked very unhappy and disappointed. She was standing on some porch steps in front of another big piece of furniture blocking the door.

As I got closer, I could hear her parents were inside nagging/yelling at her. Now I understood. We were renting her parents’ house. Even though she only moved here so she could take care of them, they were treating her like a tenant, worse, like an ungrateful teen.

I don’t know why I was moving an hour outside the city but I avoided the woman and left her to her misery. I went around and found another entrance which also had furniture half in and out the door but I managed to squeeze in. Once in, it seemed like inside was very uncluttered. It was actually quite nice and had a relaxing vibe. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t understand why there was such resistance from the parents to let the other tenant move all her things in.

Then it was the next day and I was on the commute into the city. This is gross but I was on a bus and there were seats here that were like porta-potties, just a seat to a hole down. I had actually just finished my business in such a seat and was wiping my ass, when the bus stopped for another passenger. Then I realized how embarassing this was and why did I have to take advantage of the new facilities. Then I questioned why I took the bus for the commute, wasn’t it only an hour by train? Then I questioned why I would even move to a place that required an hour train commute. I didn’t come up with an answer.

Dreams 01.23.13
I was about to start running a marathon. I saw it start from a 3rd person perspective and I was off to a good start, keeping in good pace with the front runner.

Then somehow I went through some classrooms and a science lab. I was getting weak and running out of energy. My husband stops me and says he can help. We looked through the open door to the next room. A girl from my highschool was eating a green/chocolate mousse swirl dessert in a cone. She was seated on the edge of a tall chair, looking down at some papers. Husband says he can convince her to give me the desset and it’d give me all the energy needed for the rest of the run.

He walks into the next room to talk to her and I wait. I see her nod in agreement to the deal. I go up to talk to her and she takes her sweet time putting the mousse cone contents into a bowl for me. Behind her, I see marathoners run past the window and I start to lose my patience and worry about how far I’ve fallen behind the group. I start wondering if I should’ve stopped inside the school at all. It may have been better to keep on running until the next fuel and water station.


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